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Workshop: Creating Harmonies

  • 115 Blannahassett Island Road Marshall, NC, 28753 United States (map)

Cost: $15 ($20 for both April workshops)

We’ve had some great questions and conversations lately about the “how to’s” of harmony singing. In this basic technique workshop we will spend the first hour listening to examples of harmonies and giving demonstrations. In this hour we will be discussing and asking/answering questions about how to find harmonies. As a group we will practice vocal warm ups and common intervals in chords so that our voices become more familiar with the relationships between pitches. We will examine the difference in emotional impact that some of these chordal relationships have.

In the second hour we will teach a simple melody and help the group to find and create a second part. Depending on group size we will do this work in pairs. Whomever is comfortable doing so will share their newly made harmony with the group, so that we may see the wide range of possibilities!

LIMITED SPACE: Please RSVP to to save a spot.

**Please arrive 15 minutes early to make a cup of tea and find a seat! We want to begin promptly at 2**

A note: We approach singing as an intuitive experience of listening, reflecting and searching for the resonant and emotive qualities of notes and chords. We will provide very basic concepts of music theory as it applies to harmony singing, but will primarily teach from a physical and sensual standpoint rather than an analytical one.   Our hope is that this method taps into our most basic human core, where we will find our innate ability to listen and to sing. When we say intuitive we don’t mean magical or inexplicable, simply that the process, for us, comes from the inside out: explanation and analysis come second to the creative and experimental act of making a harmony. Bring courage, a willingness to make mistakes and to sing notes that you don’t think of as pretty or harmonious. Bring trust that the group will guide and support you through this learning process.

Later Event: August 1